How to keep track of your baby's feeds, naps and nappy changes - and why a place to write it down can be your saviour!

Posted by Tania Maystrenko on

Those early days, weeks and months with a newborn, especially when it's your first, can feel so extremely overwhelming. Especially when sleep deprivation really takes hold and the days and nights all start to blur into each other.

Most mothers experience such an array of emotions postpartum, from one end of the spectrum to the other. Which is all very natural and normal. We are human and we should experience emotions. The difficulty comes with the rapid swinging between all the emotions that make you feel like you're on a rollercoaster so that you end up not knowing which way is up anymore.

So it's no wonder that it actually becomes a very difficult task to remember some of those everyday basic details like:

πŸ€” When did I last eat a proper meal?

πŸ€” Have I showered today (or was that yesterday)?

πŸ€” How many times have I microwaved this same cup of coffee in the last couple of hours?

πŸ€” What time was my baby's last feed? Was that the start or the end of the feed? Should they be hungry already?!

This is when a baby feeding journal becomes your saviour. When you're right in the thick of it - exhausted, hungry, dehydrated, emotional - your brain just runs out of puff. I remember not even being able to process what time of day or night it was. All I could do was look at the clock when my baby started feeding and write down those numbers. Then when I could think a bit more clearly, I could decipher those numbers as times and be able to work out roughly when the next feed or sleep might be. Further to that I could then actually start to see patterns and be able to find time to shower or nap or make a healthy meal for myself.

My logbook really was my saviour.

Especially because, although I didn't realise it at the time, I was suffering from post natal anxiety and depression following the traumatic labour and birth experience of my first child.Β 

So if you're expecting your first baby (or even a subsequent baby) and you're someone like me that likes to write it all down and have the details to hand, give the baby journal a shot. If it doesn't work out for you, there's no harm. But if it does help you, even in a small way, then that is my dream come true.

Having lived through two newborn stages now, I am so passionate about helping other mums out there feel more under control and less overwhelmed. Information is power. The more you know and understand about what is going on, the calmer you feel and the more confident you become so that you are able to trust your instincts and intuition to know what is best for your baby.

One of our customers is a mum to quadruplets (and a toddler!). I was overjoyed to hear that the 4 baby journals I gifted to her came in handy to keep track of all the feeding required to keep not 1 but 4 hungry babies full, calm and content.

When I first approached her to ask if she thought the journals might help her, she said "We have actually been brainstorming ideas on how to track the quads feeds, sleep, nappy changes etc. So having 4 of these books would be perfect!". And after using them for the babies' first 12 weeks of life, she said "We would not have survived without these baby journals recording the bubs' feed & sleep times.” β€œThey have helped TREMENDOUSLY thankyou again xxx".

My hope has always been that my little journal helps mums out, even in a small way because mothers need more support than they end up receiving. It's the hardest job in the world and we need to support mums so that they can do their absolute best for their babies and the future generations of humankind.

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The Lilipad Bliss baby journal includes:

πŸ‘Ά 12 weeks of log pages to keep track of baby's feed times, nap times and nappy changes. πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ˜΄πŸ’©

πŸ‘Ά Photo insert on front cover for that squishy sleepy newborn pic. 😍

πŸ‘Ά Weekly section to add a photo of baby and note down amazing, cute and milestone moments from that week - turning the journal into a lovely keepsake item. ❀

πŸ‘Ά Weekly quotes of encouragement and advice to support parents during the newborn phase.

πŸ‘Ά Notes column on every log page and extra pages at the end to jot down important details (medical appointments, measurements, medication, fussy periods, rashes etc.).


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