Baby Feeding Journal (Grey)

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Absolute lifesaver!

These journals are amazing and we have used them since the day our quads were born and they have been absolute lifesavers. We have one for each baby and we record everything in them. And they save our life. We use them to record when they go to sleep, when they wake up, how much milk they've had, if they've wee'd and if they've poo'd. Plus they have these beautiful little sayings throughout the book. Honestly they are absolutely amazing for us with our four babies.

A great journal for a busy mum!

I love this baby feeding journal, it has been so useful. It was especially great in those early days just after bub was born as she was a little jaundiced so was great to keep track of how long she was feeding for and how many wet nappies she had. Even now a couple of months in I'm still using it, it's been great to keep track of awake times and how long she is napping.

A great journal for a busy mum! ❤❤

A beautiful keepsake journal to record and keep track of baby's feeds (breast or bottle), nappy changes, daytime naps and nighttime sleep cycles.

A useful tool which helps you feel a bit more organised and on top of things, especially when sleep deprivation really takes hold.

A thoughtful, practical and beautiful baby shower or newborn gift idea for the organised mum. 

12 weeks of daily log pages.

12 original quotes at the end of each week to encourage and support mums along their motherhood journey.

Becomes extra special when you add a photo of your beautiful baby in the front cover insert.

Also, at the end of each week, you can add a photo to see how much your baby changes from week to week. There is also space to note down a few of the memorable moments and milestones from that week - first smile, first cooing noises, rolling over. This converts the journal into a wonderful keepsake to share with your baby in the future.

Notes section included on each daily log page and at the end of the journal to record important information (medical appointments, allergic reactions, vomiting, high temperature, fussiness periods, weight and measurements etc.). Giving you an invaluable resource to share with doctors, nurses, midwives and other caregivers.

Compact and convenient A5 size making it easy to pop in the nappybag or even a small-medium sized handbag when out and about.

Layflat binding and sturdy hard cover.

Printed on 80gsm FSC certified paper.

Dimensions: 21.4cm x 14.6cm x 1.4cm

Designed and owned by an Australian mum. Made for mums by a mum. ❤️