Our Story

Welcome to Lilipad Bliss!!

My name is Tania and I am the owner / creator of the Lilipad Bliss Baby Feeding Journal. I have two daughters - a clever, funny, observant yet cautious 3 year old and a smart, strong, smiley-happy and very eager 10 month old. They are my WHY and my world. ๐Ÿ’—

I created the Baby Journal in my spare time (haha!) after my first baby was born between working part-time, raising my first daughter and then having my second daughter and being back on maternity leave.

Why did I design the journal? Well, after my first child was born I wanted to keep track of all the critical things that new parents are concerned about - feeds, sleep, wees and poops! But I couldn't find something on the market that was quite right. So I created my own little logbook in a blank notebook. It helped me to feel a little more organised and in control during the overwhelming time of stress, anxiety, serious sleep deprivation and fatigue that all parents go through (together, of course, with all the good feels a baby brings to your life!).

I decided to start a business to not only sell the journal (and other baby-related items) but to build a community of mums as a way to try and help other first time mums (and second, third, fourthโ€ฆ!) feel a little less overwhelmed during the newborn phase (because I felt overwhelmed!) and also less alone during the craziness that is motherhood (because I have felt alone). I think it's important to share truths about my motherhood journey to show how we all experience and feel a lot of the same things. This is what unites us because we can see that weโ€™re all trying to do our best in navigating life as a mum to our little creations. ๐Ÿ’—

Thank you for shopping and I hope to get to know you more and chat about all things motherhood (and beyond!) over on my Instagram page.